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Managing payroll is among the prime accounting functions to be handled within business organizations. Due to long and delayed mechanism of traditional salary management, new age ERP tool has been developed. HRSS has developed Payroll OnDemand, multipurpose software which monitors real-time information of employees’ attendance. With this Payroll Management System, swipe card data can be recorded to further line up status of payroll. No matter where the individual is, this smart swipe card controls information about whereabouts of users.

The Payroll OnDemand is actually a platform which monitors data on a regular basis for detailed analysis. This analysis can influence payroll management effectively and goal gets attained efficiently. With the aid of HR Payroll Software, officials can prepare salary sheets and final attendance details are marked in timely way.

Accurate Payroll

Get 100% effortless accuracy & statutory compliance, every time.

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Streamlined HR

Implementing Payroll OnDemand automatically sets up processes & best practices.

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Empowered Employees

Get major cost savings with effective employee self services.

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